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Tarot Reader | Life Coach | Manifestation Coach

Adite is helping people globally to attract abundance in love, joy and wealth from a span of more than a decade.
In today's world we all have come across words like Manifestation, Life Coach, Tarot card reader etc. Life Coach is a person who guides people in regards to leading their lives positively and happily by making few changes in life, a manifestor is a person who brings something to existence with the law of attraction and a Tarot Card reader is one who gives people an outlook regarding their lives. Adite fits in all these categories as she has excellent skills in all of the above.

" What you seek is seeking you " - Rumi

Adite is an internationally known Tarot Card Reader and Life Coach from New Delhi.
She has been on this journey for a long time. One can say Adite is gifted with strong intuition. She used to have visions since she was a child. This made her an adviser around the age of 15. She was young at that time and also didn't know how she knows all the things she does or how she strongly feels about certain things happening. She later came across the esoteric world of Tarot Cards during her college time.

She is also a certified manifestation coach. She has been working on her manifesting skills since she was 19 and has been successful in attracting all that she wants from her life slowly and steadily.
She just didn't use these abilties for herself but for thousands of others too. She has an instinct in her that drives her to help those around her by guiding them about the concerns in their life since she was a child.

She also manifested her childhood dream of meeting all the national and international celebrities at a young age of 20 by attracting an adventurous and vivacious role of hosting and interviewing celebrity events at a very young age. Somehow the things she ever wanted came to her on its own.

She has also worked with One of the top psychic website in the world and has been in the top three psychics consecutively wherein the others had an experience of more than her age.
She has done countless accurate readings, both offline and online. She makes it her responsibility that the client feels clear and comfortable after the session and gets a proper outlook on moving forward in their lives. She has guided many people and trained them regarding manifestation techniques and about how to attract abudance into their lives.
She gives her clients all the credit as it's their loyalty and trust in her that helped her reach the level she is at today. She has thousands of clients both in India and overseas and has done around 60,000 readings till date. She has this name globally because of her proficiency in her work. Plus her simple, humble and non judgemental nature is like icing on the cake that makes her clients love her even more.

Do you have questions like:

If he/she loves you? 

How they feel for you right now?

If he/she is right for you?

If your ex will return back to you?

Will you get a better job?

If this is the right career for you?

This way or that?

Family matters, legal issues etc?

Get to know all the answers to the questions that confuse you or put you down and get the right motivation you need for a better tomorrow!

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